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Ch'abi Q'aq'

Ch'abi Q'aq' is listed, together with Chi Junajpu', as one of the many communities conquered by Don Francisco Iskin Nija'ib', as recorded in Utitulo rajawarem ajaw Don Francisco Iskin Nija’ib’.  Matsumoto (2017:189 n 136) notes that "Edmonson (1965:19) defines Ajch’ab’iq’aq’, Chi Junajpu as a compound toponym referring to a single settlement (compare Ghabicoh Junahpu in Alvarez Arévalo 1987:40), but Recinos (1957:72n16) identifies it as a reference to the two volcanoes now known as Fuego and Agua, both in the Department of Sacatepéquez. Carmack (2001:233, 239) also describes both Chab’iq’aq’ ‘fire arrows’ (or Tz’apiq’aq’ ‘closed fire’) and Chwi Junajpu as Nima K’iche’ calpuls. Tedlock (1996:189) translates these designations as 'Meteor, Hunahpu Place.'"

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