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ahau quiche
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ahau quiche
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Ajaw K'iche'

Christenson (2004, note 110, p. 271) notes, "The manuscript does not include the word 'K'iche'' here, referring to the Ajaw K'iche' lineage, although it is implied from the context."

The Ajaw K'iche' lineage was founded by the fourth -- and final -- deity in the hierarchical sequence, Majuk'utaj. It is the “third-ranking Quiché lineage,” according to Tedlock (1996), who helpfully defined the terms and their shifting places in the text. He writes: “K’iche’, the name of a people, a language, a town, and a kingdom.

As a people, the Quiché proper consist of those who descend from Jaguar Quitze [Balam Ki'tze'], Jaguar Night [Balam Aq'ab], and Not Right Now [Ik'ibalam]—that is to say, the Cauec, Greathouse, and Lord Quiché lineages—and who worship the gods Tohil, Auilix, and Hacauitz.

‘The three Quichés’ include the Quiché proper, as just described, together with two further lineages who god was Tohil, the Tams and Ilocs. This threesome is said to have been together ever since the time of Tulan, and to have shared the same language, which is also called Quiché.

Late in the narrative Quiché becomes a place name referring to the vicinity of Rotten Cane [Q'umaraq Aj], covering Rotten Cane itself, Bearded Place (half a kilometer south of Rotten Cane), and the site of the post-conquest town of Santa Cruz. The name can also be extended to the entire kingdom that was ruled from Rotten Cane.”

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Christenson, Allen J. Popol Vuh: Literal Poetic Version. 2.ª ed. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2004. Print.
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