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One of the thirteen allies of the K’iche’s, whose principle lineage was the Sotz’ila Ja, or “Bat House” (Christenson p. 217 n. 566), who stole fire from the K’iche’ forefathers. Their patron god was Chamalkan, interpreted by Tedlock (p. 356) as “Snake Tooth.” 

According to Tedlock (p. 338), the Kaqchikels are “a people who border the Quiché on the south and east and speak a language of the Quichean family. They belong to a group of thirteen allied tribes the Quichés regarded as having come (like themselves) from the east. One of the Cakchiquel citadels, Nettles Heights, was conquered by the Quiché lords during the reign of Quicab.”

Christenson (p. 204 note 511): “At the time of the Spanish conquest, the Cakchiquels were centered at their capital city of Iximche’. The Tlaxcalan allies of the Spaniards called this citadel Quauhtemallan, from which the present-day name of the country, Guatemala, is derived.”

Carlsen (2001, p. 85): "The Kaqchikel arrived in highland Guatemala sometime in the Late Postclassic period. According to the sixteenth-century document The Annals of the Kaqchikels, the source of the that migration was the legendary Tulán. That document, written in Kaqchikel using Spanish characters, is consistent with the Popol Vuh in this regard ... the Kaqchikels entered the highlands on the heels of the other Maya, most notably the Tz'utujil [Ajtz'ikina ja]. Arriving in 1524, the Spaniards under Pedro de Alvarado quickly exploited these ethnic divisions. In particular, the foreigners aligned themselves with Kaqchikel in their war against both K'iche' and Tz'utujil" (Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures).


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