Translating Maya Hieroglyphs

Solapas principales

Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsJohnson, SA
PublisherUniversity of Oklahoma Press
CityNorman, OK
Call NumberPM3969.J64 2013
Other Numbers497'.42711-dc23
Palabras clavecharacters, epigraphy, Hieroglyphs, logograms, logographic values, syllobograms, writing systems

From the book cover: "Maya hieroglyphic writing may seem impossibly opaque to beginning students, but Scott A. Johnson presents it as a regular and comprehensible system in this engaging, easy-to-follow text. The only comprehensive introduction designed specifically for those new to the study, Translating Maya Hieroglyphs, uses a hands-on, step-by-step approach to teach readers how to translate ancient Maya glphs.

Johnson begins by describing how to break down a Mayan text into individual glyphs in the correct reading order, and then explains the different types of glyphs and how they function in the script. Finally, he shows how to systematically convert a Mayan inscription into modern English. More than a reference, this volume functions as an introductory foreign-language textbook. Chapters cover key topics, including spelling, dates and numbers, basic grammar, and verbs. Formal linguistic information is accessibly explained, while worksheets and exercises complement and reinforce the material. Glyph blocks and phrases drawn from actual monuments illustrate the variety and scribal virtuosity of Maya writing."