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Nim Xo'l

A place passed through by the K'iche's on their way to Chi Pixab'. 

Colop traduce el nombre como "Gran Hondonada," y se pone de acuerdo con Tedlock que es otro nombre para Nim Xob Karchaj, en la región del moderno San Pedro Carchá.

In modern K'iche', -xo'l refers to a "space between" in prepositional phrases, e.g. chuxo'l le keb' ja "between the two houses."

Christenson translates this name quite differently, as "Honor and Respect." Like Tedlock and Colop, he identifies it with "the place where Hun Hunahpu and his sons played ball," and asserts that therefore "the origin of the progenitors is defined as the homeland of the patron heroes described in the first half of the Popol Vuh text."

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