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Nombre analítico: 
Ortografía de Ximénez (quc): 
tzotzi ha
Ortografía de Ximénez (es): 
casa de murzíelagos
Ortografía de Recinos: 
Zotzi-ha, la Casa de los murciélagos
Ortografía de Colop: 
Sotz'i Ja, Casa de los Murciélagos
Ortografía de Christenson: 
Bat House

Tedlock (page 340) says that this house "possibly correspond[s] to a position on the Mayan zodiac. Bat House is also the name of a lordly Cakchiquel lineage, otherwise known as Macaw House, whose founders stole fire from the Quichés rather than pledge themselves as sacrifice victims."

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