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Nombre analítico: 
Ortografía de Ximénez (quc): 
balami ha
Ortografía de Ximénez (es): 
casa de leon tígres
Ortografía de Recinos: 
Casa de los tigres, Balami-ha
Ortografía de Colop: 
Balam Ja
Ortografía de Christenson: 
Jaguar House

Tedlock (page 345) says that this house may be a sign of the Mayan zodiac. He also says, "Jaguar House is also the name of a people belonging to a group of thirteen allied tribes the Quichés regarded as having come (like themselves) from the east."

B’alam ja also appears in the Nija'ib' Utitulo ulew, for which Matsumoto (2017:267 n 38) notes: "Carmack (1967:5) describes B’alamija as the K’iche’ name for the Aguatecans and equates it with Balan naguala, a settlement on the other side of the Río Negro from the territory under discussion (see map in Carmack 1967:13). According to van Akkeren (2009:84n22), the 'Balamihá [Balamija] are Ixils.'."

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