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Sipakna is crushed under this mountain after being tricked by Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Christenson (page 105, note 202) says of it, "Meauan was identified by Brasseur and Recinos as a mountain west of Rabinal, Guatemala. It is likely the mountain known today as Miagua, located some 20 km. northwest of Rabinal and bordering the Chixoy river. If this identification is correct, Akkeren suggests that that Meauan may be a contracted form of me'al ajaw (daughter lord), the Quiché version of the Kekchi origin of the town's name, Rab'inal (Place of the Lord's Daughter).

Colop (página 54, nota 65) dice, "conforme a Recinos, esa montaña 'se levanta al poniente del pueblo de Rabinal, en la región del río Chixoy.'"

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