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Ortografía de Ximénez (quc): 
Balam qui tze
Ortografía de Ximénez (es): 
Balam quítze
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The Popol Wuj attests to the status of B'alam Kitze as the founder of the Kaweq lineage (Christenson 2003a:lines 4940–5208). Matsumoto (2017:201n189) succinctly summarizes proposals for interpretation of this name: "Christenson (2007:196n477) alternatively indicates that Kitze may the Mam rendering of K’iche’, although he acknowledges that “the etymology of all the progenitors’ names is obscure.” Tedlock (1996:289) suggests that Quitze may be derived from k’ische ‘cedar’; however, he does not fully translate this name into English, leaving it instead as “Jaguar Quitze.” Carmack (1981:49), in contrast, proposes that the name come from Chontal Quite ‘forest.’" 

B'alam Kitze is the only one of the four founding K'iche' progenitors who is not mentioned in the Nija'ib' K’iche’ text of the Título de Quetzaltenango y Momostenango (Matsumoto 2017:201 n 189).

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es asociadx de Pa Tojil
es incluidx de Hombres de maíz
es padre de K'oka'ib
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es padre de K'oqawib

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