Writing color: Words and images of colors in Classic Maya inscriptions

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Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTokovinine, A
JournalRES: Anthropology and Aesthetics
Start Page283
Palabras claveBlood, Colors, Compound terms, Deities, Iconography, Logographs, Mayan culture, Mayan history, Stelae, Sun

"This article addresses the issue of color classification in Classic Maya inscriptions. It builds upon the findings outlined in Houston et al. (2009) but represents an attempt to expand our knowledge of Maya semiotics of color in two distinct areas of investigation. The first concerns the presence of secondary or complex color terms in the script, which have so far proven to be rather elusive. The second concerns the nature of the broader domains of meaning referenced by color terms. This article in particular addresses the latter, exploring further the interconnectedness of color terms' representations as logographs in the script and visually related iconographic motifs" (283)