La carta de Fray Alonso de Noreña

Solapas principales

Escolios: folio 1, side 2: lines 25–26

This is a reference to material in the Tratado segundo, bound together with Empiezan las historias... (or the Popol Vuh) in Ayer MS 1515 at the Newberry Library.

Included in this Tratado is a copy of a letter from Fray Alonso de Noreña dated 25 February 1581, responding to Fray Diego Ferrano, the vicar of Tecutzilan in the Province of México, “sobre diversas dudas respecto de confesar a los indios.” While this letter is not currently available online, Ximénez indicates here that Noreña held his native parishioners responsible for “great evils” (“grandes malícías”), whereas Ximénez did not believe that they were fully aware of -- and therefore culpable for -- their errors.