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Ortografía de Ximénez (es): 
quatro casas grandes
Ortografía de Recinos: 
cuatro Casas grandes
Ortografía de Colop: 
Kajib' unim ja, cuatro Casas Grandes

The Lords of the Four Great Houses are Ajtzik Winaq Ajaw, Lolmet Ajaw, Nim Ch'okoj Ajaw, and Jaqawitz.

With the three Great Houses that preceed them in the text -- Kaweq, Ajaw K'iche', Nija'ib -- the final section of the Popol Wuj reaffirms the number seven.

In Mayan epigraphic systems, the number seven is represented as a large scroll that passes underneath the eye and curls under the forehead. This image and its numeral signifier is repeated in several buildings of the Dzibilchaltun (Writing Upon Stone) site in Yucatán, most notably the Seven Dolls Complex. Dzibilchaltun is located 21 kilometers from the present-day center of Mérida, Yucatán. For an extensive discussion of Maya numbers, mathematics, and cosmological repetition, see Colin Renfrew and Iain Morley's edited volume The Archaeology of Measurement: Comprehending Heaven, Earth and Time in Ancient Societies (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010).

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