Tulan/ Tulanzu (Siete Cuevas, Siete Quebradas)

Solapas principales

Balam Quitze, Balam Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui Balam arrived to the City of Tulan Zuyva, and the names of the city were, "Seven Caves and Seven Canyons" (Christenson, 2007 ,197).  Christenson annotated different possible meanings of Tulan, "In the Quiché language, tulan  is a 'palace, or manor-house' (Basseta), while tolan  is a city or house that has been abandoned, perhaps referring to theruins of once great cities that dot the region and that belong to the legendary ancestors of the Maya people" (Christenson, 2007, 197). 

On the other hand, Recinos points that "Tulán-Zuiva, la Cueva de Tulán, Vucub-Pec, Siete Cuevas, y Vucub-Ziván, Siete Barrancas, son los nombres quichés del sitio [conocido como] Chicomoztoc" (Recinos, 2012, 175).
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