Kaj asociado Mixk'ina'

Solapas principales


As is apparent from manifold sources beyond the Popol Wuj itself, agriculture, especially of corn, is extremely important to Maya culture.  Instruments used to plant gardens include the axe (kaj) used to make a clearing and the hoe (mixk'ina') used for tilling the earth. When the Hero Twins are tasked with planting, their magic causes these tools to do their work for them, while they enjoy blowgun hunting . Although their true purpose does not seem to be that of the farmer, Juajpu and Xb’alanke’s use of these objects in the context of cultivating a crop is notable as failure to produce corn would result in starvation for the ancient Maya. It seems Junajpu and Xb'alanke's use of magic to avoid their labors is frowned upon. The food the grandmother serves them afterwards is characterized as an unjust reward obtained through trickery:

Ma qitzij ab'ixik chikib'ano /  Xaloq' chib'e ya'oq ki wa

(Not true maize farming they would do/ Without cause she would go to give their food)

They even go so far as to dirty themselves with mud and wood chips so that it appears they have been hard at work. This description might characterize their actions as improper, especially as they are later punished by the animals’ re-thicketing of their cleared and planted field.

Popol Vuh: The Definitive Edition of the Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life and the Glories of Gods and Kings
Popol Vuh: Literal Poetic Version