Ju su k'u stzaj tew / Rumal kutzina[q]

Solapas principales

Ju su k'u stzaj tew / Rumal kutzina[q]

Christenson (Literal Poetic Translation, footnote 78, page 139) notes two scribal errors in the transcription of these toponyms. We cite his observations on lines 3998-4000 of the K'iche' column of Ximénez's manuscript below:

Ju su k'u stzaj tew

"The manuscript reads ztzah. The completive aspect should be xtzah, however, Mondloch (personal communication) points out that the completive aspect prefix x- is pronounced s- when it occurs before tz, tz' or s. Thus xsaqirik is pronounced saqirik."

Rumal kutzina[q]

"The manuscript reads cutz ma, although the “m” is uncharacteristically sloppy and could be an “n.”  I agree with Edmonson that this is likely a scribal error for cutzina[c]."