Ixkik' as María

Solapas principales

Escolio 4 recto, line 25
Folio 15 verso, column B, line 37

In the Escolios, Ximénez connects the passage in which Ixkik’ is impregnated with Junajpu by the saliva of Jun Junajpu with Mary’s conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit. His note in the Escolios includes the phrase “num.   fol.   ”, indicating that he intended to cite the page on which this scene occurs. But unlike other textual concordances in the Escolios, Ximénez did not fill in the numbers for this passage.

However, on the corresponding page in Empiezan las historias (Popol Vuh), Ximénez marked “la donzella” (Ixkik’) with a dagger, corresponding to an unclear note in the left margin. He strikes out a note that begins, “Quo modo…” (in this way…)

Ximénez likely intended to use this passage to support his theory of that K’iche’ beliefs were demonic perversions of the Gospel. In the Escolios, he proposes this theory with regard to Tz'aqol-Bitol, whom he took for a faulty imitation of the Christian God (see related annotation expresa posita materia). Moreover, he saw an overidentification of Christian and K'iche' beliefs as an obstacle to evangelization. He observed and lamented that conflating K'iche' deities with Christian figures could lead to general apathy regarding the need to be baptized—and this apathetic state, in his worldview, would be a victory for the devil (see related annotation "errores" of equivalence).