de el ser de Díos

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Ximénez places his heading for the first chapter of the Escolios (“Cap. 1. de el ser de Díos”) in the margin of the first page of the Popol Vuh, which introduces the principal deities involved in the K'iche' account of creation. In the Escolios , Ximénez examines the nature of these creator gods and the nature of divinity in the Popol Vuh, which he refers to as “duodernidad” (deities are placed in pairs, rather than a monotheistic trinity). He further debates the "proper" use of these deities’ names in catechizing, and ultimately supports their utter extirpation. He argued that although Tz’aqol Bitol was a linguistically accurate name for God (Framer, Shaper), it could easily be a demonic distraction from the true faith. Instead, he recommends the continued use of “Dios.”